Is your Health Important to you?


Lower Blood Pressure, Diabetes Control, Lower Cholesterol, Weight Management , Energy Maximization?

For centuries human life was in jeopardy primarily from threats like war, famine and disease (often spread through unsafe drinking water). Famine and disease have largely been eliminated in our modern Western Society. By using powerful drugs, and sophisticated surgical techniques, our western medical system can deal with many serious health challenges . . . but often does nothing to stop the source of our latest threat . . . lifestyle choices. Smoking, excess alcohol, stress, and poor eating, along with minimal exercise and obesity have led to an epidemic of heart disease, stroke, cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

Not surprisingly, the fast food industry continues to flourish, and now even genetically modified foods are being sold. However, with all of our technology, we still have a population that is 60% overweight, and the problem is spreading to our youth. We are subjected to a constant stream of conflicting information about how to best approach the topic of health. Who is behind many of these recommendations? Is it drug companies, or the food industry, or the hospitals, or the medical device makers? We aren’t sure, and yet we all want to do the things that will give us the best chance of a quality life.

HealthPointe was created to offer the latest and best educational information to those people who want to know the answers.

Working with experts and professionals in the field of wellness, the HealthPointe team provides access to research, articles, seminars, and a variety of educational tools to allow you to be totally informed. You can make the best decision for yourself and your family when you are educated.

Whether it is information on a specific vitamin/mineral supplement, or herbal remedy, or access to the latest findings about certain diseases or conditions, HealthPointe is ready to deliver the latest.

HealthPointe is also your source for information about pure/safe drinking water, air filtration systems, weight loss, and the latest findings on the right approach to exercise. Whatever the subject, HealthPointe will educate and inform…as well as refer you to some recommended products or services.

“Helping you make the right choices on your journey to optimal health is our goal.”